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Tomb plate of Vattaseril Thirumeni
Tomb Plate
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The tomb plate speaks for itself.The newly venerated saint of the Indian Orthodox faction,Vattaseril thirumeni's tomb plate is shown below.It clearly speaks of the various priestly ordinations he got in his life.When your eyes stroll down the tomb plate,you will get stuck at the part which describes his ordination as a Bishop.It says he was consecrated as Bishop at Jerusalem.Who did it? Is it still mystery for IOC folks.Or do they mean that they still have doubts regarding the ordination.Or is it that IOC folks who were very keen in making him a saint,couldnt figure out how Vattaseril Thirumeni became a Bishop? Well, questions go unanswered. The IOC folks seems to have an problem of amnesia when it comes to who ordained them.

The Tomb Plate of Vattasseril Thirumeni

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