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At the Devalokam Aramana, the seat of IOC Catholicose ,you can see this "reliquary".Reliquary means container of holy relics as said by Oxford Dictionary.Serious suspicion prevail over this so called reliuary.What are the facts behind this reliquary?
Don't think that what you are going to read is a simple allegation based on the hatred between two facts in the Malankara.Rather it is a search for the truth.The truth behind one among the many gimmicks played by IOC Church heads in an attempt to fool the faithful...                              
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Well folks,dont blush or wrinkle your forehead ,when you hear the real story behind this reiquary and the relic in it.
Two major facts pertain to this reiquary.

1.The first one is that THIS REIQUARY DOESN'T CONTAIN THE RELICS MENTIONED IN THE BRASS PLAQUE.You can very well verify the fact with the priests who were there at the time the relics of St: Thomas was brought to India by Ougen Themotheos ,the then IOC Catholicose.
The incident happened around the time when this relic came to India during 1965.The relics was given by the then Patriarch when Ougen visited Mosul.It is mentioned in the brass plaque that the relic is brought from St:Thomas Orthodox Church,Iraq.The relic was brought here in a golden casket and was kept in the Altar.On a fine morning before it was  interred into the above shown place,the casket was stolen by somebody.Panic arose.Police was summoned.After an initial enquiry,the police officials reported to the OugenBava and said that the casket hasn't gone out and if he gave full power to the police to search the whole aramana and interrogate the inmates,they will find it within 24 hours.Hearing this Ougen Themotheus was dumbstruck and confused.If he gave authority to police and if they found it inside the aramana ,it will be a disgrace to all of them.Fearing this ,he withdrew the complaint and police left the place.Hiding these facts,another casket was interred into this above mentioned place and brass plaque was installed ,thus cheating all his own flocks.This is not just a cooked up story rather a historical fact which is known to all inner circles of IOC.For those who still dont believe this,they can trace the newspaper reports of that period which reported the stealing of the golden casket from Devalokam Aramana.Maybe these are the reason why IOC never tried to project this relic anywhere....
2.The second one is "RES IPSA LOQUITAR"  in Latin it means 'the thing speaks for itself.The brass plate says the relics were found in the walls of St:Thomas Orthodox Church,Mosul ,Iraq.What does that mean? Any man with common sense can say ,that church is a Syrian church.Then why did the IOC omit the word Syrian?Are they fearing something or are they cheating the faithful.
Again it says ,the relic was given as a gift to Malankara Orhodox Church and recieved and brought to Malanakara by Ougen.So WHO GAVE IT? Was it stolen from the walls of the above said church at Iraq? If so ,then IOC is doing well showing their true colours all through the history.If not then ,who gave it? Why can't IOC boldly say and engrave it on the plate that it was given by Late Lamented HH Patriarch YakoubIII? We all know that it is  not a good habit to forget those who gives gifts to you.
All these things speaks for itself.IOC is strenously trying to manipulate history and related things.This is a good live example for the above said act.
Almost all relics in the Malankara are brought from the Antioch and neighbouring places.IOC needs only the relics ,not the people who gave it.Now the relics of St:George are going to be placed at Puthupally.Dont know what is the truth behind it.Will it be like the relic of St:Thomas?
So IOC faithful ,beware of the tactics of your shepherds.
Try to find the truth.
Follow the truth and that truth shall liberate you.

Shown below is a Patriarchal bull regarding the institution of relic of St:Thomas at Mulanthuruthy Church.It breifly states the discovery of the relic at Mosul

Regarding the relicof St:Thomas at Mulanthuruthy

Issued in public interest of IOC faithful who are continously mislead and misguided regarding the truth of Malankara Church and its associated facts.Copyright 2004-2008
Webmaster -Jacob P.